Do the Pilates Exercise for Your Six Pack Abs

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 Pilates for Six Pack AbsPilates for Six Pack Abs

What kind of workout routine are you used to? Do you often hit the gym to shed off your extra fat?

Or are you more comfortable to work your out of overweight inside of your own home? For sure you

might have already heard about Pilates and what it does for the body.

In the recent years it has become a powerful name and people are curious and want to perform this exercise method.

Yoga and Pilatesare related in one or one other because their focus is both in the

direction of the coordination and balance of the mind, body, and the spirit.

Each of them wants to find the proper smooth movements, breathing exercises, and a good posture to develop a graceful and lean body.

Pilates is nowadays being performed by many people who want to form their six pack abs.

The Real…

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Tips To Improve Yourself By Changing Your Paradigms

Changing Paradigms – a multitude of Habits

Changing your Paradigms

Changing your Paradigms


Changing  Paradigms or Habits , oh those nasty habits. We developed habits from training, influences, remark, and practice. We develop many habits in our life, which some are good and others are bad. Good habits we can keep, but if one needs to improve his life the dangerous habits has to change . Getting rid of dangerous Paradigms, however, is not easy, particularly if a habit is involved. For this reason, let us  take a number of steps and see how we can change this.

What are paradigms ?

Tips To Improve Yourself By Changing Your Paradigms

Tangy Bitter gourd curry (Paavakka Varutharachathu) and a round up of Onam Sadya recipes

Indu's International Kitchen

kaipakka curryHappy Onam to all those who celebrate this festival which celebrates food! Onam sadya (feast) includes an array of delectable, comforting vegetarian dishes made from the choicest and freshest vegetables which include a variety of gourds, pumpkins, green beans, carrots, cabbage as well as starchy vegetables like taro root, elephant’s foot and green plantains.  Coconut is an essential ingredient in almost all the dishes and coconut oil is the main cooking medium imparting so much flavor that you remain licking your fingers! Yes, you have to eat the sadya, which is served on a banana leaf, with your hands to truly savor it.It is an unique gastronomical experience involving all the senses 🙂

We are so fortunate to be able to continue this tradition even in our US home – yes we get frozen plantain leaves from our local Asian grocers and they are of a pretty good quality too! Today…

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Vidur’s Film Diary – July 2016

VIDUR's Blog


MUMBAI – MAHARASHTRA – INDIA           August 28 , 2016           10.30 P.M.

[MILESTONE : With this post, Vidur’s Film Diary enters in the 8th year of its existence. In all these 8 years, I have endured my journey with truth, tenacity and belligerence. ]

Satyameva Jayate

 सत्यमेव जयते

In the era of falsehood, Vidur Acting Institute has chosen the tortuous path of truthfulness. In the season of deceit, Vidur Acting Institute has taken the pledge of being factually correct. You can go through the below mentioned facts of my success story and can check and verify them.

But do check the tall claims of so-called “Best Acting Institutes of Mumbai” or “Best Acting Institutes of India”. Grill the so-called “Best Acting Trainers of Mumbai” or “Best Acting Trainers of India” and you will see through their hollow claims. Hold a second, they can even claim that they are the…

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A goodbye letter to my dead Dog

Manik Rege

By Manik Rege

Dear Angel Dog,

I still wake up at 4.30 A.M to the sound of mellow woofs and pillow scratching. I keep forgetting that I don’t need to take you out for your ‘early-morning rituals’ anymore. I try my best to go back to sleep, but I end up staring at our photos & crying for several hours.

You’re long gone, but the typical mushy smell of your hazel coat continues to haunt the house, its furniture, and its people. Mom stills cleans up your bowls & fills them with fresh water every single day. Dad still plans our picnics only after confirming that the hotel allows pets to stay with their owners. Little Isha still runs straight to the backyard after school, hoping to get her daily dose of slimy kisses and warm hugs. She misses you the most. She’s so heartbroken & hurt. But, she’s not alone…

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Body and Mind Detox – 5 Steps To A Healthier You

Empowerment Moments Blog

The world we live in makes us wear out our bodies and minds, leaving us with health problems or with the feeling of complete exhaustion. Always in a rush, we sometimes fall into living our days on the auto-pilot mode, not being truly present, whether it’s with our family and friends, on our jobs or in the church on Sundays. Self-care is necessary in order to live a healthy balanced and fulfilling life. In order to start repairing the damages your body and mind have suffered through, consider detoxifying.

Here are five easy steps you can try to a healthier and more energized you – inside and outside.

1. Nutrition is important

Releasing toxins from your body starts from within, with a healthier nutrition. Making smarter and healthier food choices isn’t as hard as you would think – it just takes a little practice and you will easily incorporate your…

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How God Can Bring You From Rock Bottom To Mountaintop Faith

Empowerment Moments Blog

We hear of so many stories where people reach the point of rock bottom in their life. You may be one of those persons who have had such an experience and understand too well what it’s all about. But for you who have never been there, I want you to know it’s a place in your life where you feel hopeless and you are at the point of giving up on life.

You are stripped of everything, at times even your dignity. God’s presence seems far from you and nothing; I mean nothing makes sense anymore. You begin to look for a way to escape your pain in all of the wrong places and you even turn to things and people who instead of pointing you to the road of recovery and redemption, they lead you in all of the wrong things.

Time goes by and the noise of fear…

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