Take Care of Your Eyesight if You Work With the Computer

In our time more people are spending endless hours in front of the Computer screen. After a long day in front of the computer, we start feeling tired, irritable, or pain in the eyes , head or shoulders. Relax and give the eyes a break , this is necessary to prevent permanent damage and eye problems.
We all need computers this days and we have to work with them , but, it is important to listen to our bodies and relax or take a break ones in a while.. We should listen to our bodies , because it knows better when to take a time out, stay away from the computer for 10-20 minutes .Lubricate your eyes by blinking ,eye rolling and opening and closing the eyes. Move your body , neck and shoulders. Put your palms over your eyes and relax.
Make sure to sit in a comfortable chair ,relax your shoulders, find a good position if you sit in front of the computer. Take breaks as often as you can to take care of your eyesight and avoid glasses.