Is Depression a State of Mind ?

Is a depression an excuse used to avoid personal interactions? Or possibly it’s an attemt to illicit sympathy? Or is it an actual disease ?



Actually, it may be all of those things. Scientific melancholy is a major depressive disorder affecting about 7-18% of the population at some of their lives.

But for most individuals, once they say they’re depressed,They’re referring to the depressed mood. This depression hardly ever lasts long. It comes and goes and is often introduced on by quite a few different things.

Depression affects People in different ways. Some folks want to be alone. They minimize themselves off from family and friends in an attempt to work their way via the mood in their own time.

Others throw themselves into social activities ,preferring to ignore it till it goes away. Nonetheless others are likely to dwell on it and check out to attract the people around them into an identical state of melancholy ,embracing the philosophy that “distress loves company”.

There are also the folks that seem to stay in a state of constant depression. For a few of these people, the analysis is functional depression and therapy would
be advised. However for others, it’s more of a continuing mood.

Some folks just appear to enjoy being unhappy. Their negative outlook of themselves, those around them and life normally keep them on this continuous depression. From time to time it is an attempt and get sympathy, but for some folks, it’s simply the way in which they are. There is a solution for depression ,negative state of mind is unhealthy and can cause illness,

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2 thoughts on “Is Depression a State of Mind ?

  1. Lesly Federici

    Hi Erika,
    Depression may also be caused by a hormonal imballance which can betreaded with certain medications as well as learning how to meditate. The depth of sadness is individual. Whatever the cause it can be treated if one is willing.

    1. erikabeyk Post author

      Thank you for your comment,Lesly
      Yes ,meditation and exercise ,but ACE can solve the problem as well if one is willing.

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