Why Am I Sick – Advanced Clearing Energetics Review

Why am I sick – Advanced Clearing Energetics – What you need to know about

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Why am I sick ACE

Why am I sick ACE

Why am I sick is a book written by Richard Flook ,you will learn what causes pain ,disease and chronic illness . Ever wonder why you seem to have persistent pain that just won’t go away or life-threatening diseases that gets worsen by the day?
No medication works or makes it only better for a short time?
Well now  you are about to know as Richard Flook explains  in his Book Why am I sick on how your pain and illness is not an error of your body ,but most likely caused by immense stress and/or trauma that you’ve been having. This book will cause us to have a different view on pain and disease.
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Why am I sick – Advanced Clearing Energetics  – What is it

Based on 20 years of research and findings (as well as his personal experiences as case studies) has led Richard Flook to a new method to find the root of pain and illness, called Advanced Clearing Energetics (ACE) and a new way to help the body to heal . Advanced Clearing Energetics (ACE) a dynamic yet simple series of steps to help to find out what truly causes the suffering  from certain diseases to allergies , in a short time and helping the  body to heal by itself.
In the Book Why am I sick,  you will know the underlying reasons how and why diseases can occur and how they are very different from what we’ve heard and learned before. As Richard explains in his book Why am I sick : ‘I just worked out how and why the body creates disease and worked back from that.’

Why Am I Sick – Advanced Clearing Energetics – What I liked

By reading the book you will know the alternative approach on how your body truly works. As Advanced Clearing Energetics (ACE)  points out, there is clear connection between your mind, brain, body organs, and social, where each part of your brain have their own part for processing conflict, trauma, and social behaviors which in turn corresponds to certain parts of your body – the principle utilizes by Meta medicine and Advanced Clearing Energetics.
For example, pain and/or ailments on the upper layer of your skin (epidermis) relates with loss of contact , while problem with your hips indicates negative feelings not being able to bear and solve a problem.
As you can see, whatever you experience socially ,like stress trauma and conflicts , can put you at risk to suffer from illness that can be potentially life-threatening ,Richard calls this UDIN moments, UDIN means a situation ,which is Unexpected, Dramatic, Isolating, and there is No strategy  to deal with this event.  The good thing is using the methods and steps outlined by Advanced Clearing Energetics will help to release this negative energy and  the body can heal itself  again.
Keep in mind, even if you have completed reading Why am I sick , it’s a good idea to be safe by getting in touch with a licensed ACE health practitioner to help you recover safely.

Why am I sick – Advanced Clearing Energetics – What I did not like

Why am I sick is written in-depth manner so you may need to read the book slowly (or better yet, few times) to grasp what it’s all about. ,if you are not familiar with  integrative health or medicine.

Why am I sick – Advanced Clearing Energetics – Overall Thoughts

 Why am I sick -ACE is one book you need to read so you can begin to see illness and disease with  different eyes.. It is a Must Read especially for people in health related professions, like nurses, therapists, chiropractors, physiotherapists and all others in the health field.
In my opinion everybody should read this book.
We have times ,when we are in stress and have to cope with a lot of things. We know ,we should slow down and take it easy,but we don’t and the body stops us, with hopefully only a little cold?         I think everyone of us experienced this.
We have to learn that if we don’t pay attention to our body and emotions,it will react with pain or illness.
Our health depends not only on good nutrition and healthy Food,even if this is very important ,because” you are what you eat”,but also on our perception and how we deal with our everyday life.

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