Richard Flook – Advanced Clearing Erergetics

Who is Richard Flook ?

Richard Flook was a kid when his mother died on cancer ,since than he went on a quest to find out why .

He learned about alternative Medicine and  started search  for years for the answer about the body mind and soul connection. And he found it ,it is possible to heal even serious conditions in a very short time.

I follow him now for a few years ,since I heard him talk at a webinar and got interested,because what he said felt right to me .
Whoever listens to his webinar ,  here the link, will see how ambitious and certain he is and I saw and heard amazing story’s.

I myself believe in alternative medicine and I believe in the ability of our body to heal itself and since years I never needed a doctor and my husband got 70 this year and does not need any medication.
I have friends who are working in the natural health field ,here and in Germany .The first one who told me she has amazing success with this ,is a Homeopath Doctor in Germany.

To be more informed ,I took myself the basic curse ,even I am not a practitioner or therapist ,so I know what I am talking about.
My opinion is everybody interested in health should at least read his book“Why am I sick “.
For practitioner ,therapists in alternative holistic medicine ,it would be useful to start one of his courses.
There will be a Black Friday sale ,a good opportunity to start .

Click here and have a look

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