The Benefits Of Meditation

The benefits of meditation have been known to humans ever, because it was first practiced a number of millennia ago.In this article we will look at some of them in detail and will outline the psychological in addition to the health benefits of this practice. 1. Reduces stress since meditation helps calm the mind and relax the individual person, it helps a lot in lowering stress. This is normally achieved through the breathing exercise that form a part of the practice. Stress reduction is without doubt one of the important reasons why people take up meditation. 2. Various health benefits of Meditation there are already documented study’s whereby meditation was shown to have helped in curing an illness. A landmark research is the one achieved in 1976 by Australian psychiatrist Ainslie Meares which was revealed in the Medical Journal of Australia. The research documented how a patient s cancer after periods of intensive meditation. Meditation is also known to decrease blood pressure le