Discovering The Inner Self – The Indian Way

Indian ways for discovering and calming the  inner self There is a lot of energy that the universe has given every human being. But we do not use it fully and often we are acquiring more of the negative feelings than the positive one. We all are mentally trained to put on a special mask when dealing with other people and we have a totally different masks that is our actual inner self, which all of us hide and usually not show it to the world. In an attempt to hide our inner self, we tend to forget what our real self really is. This inner self is our real sense of identity and if we loose it, means ,we have lost ourselves. This loss is usually as a result of negative attributes that we have adapted over time. Because of this , we need to uncover this inner self again and free it from these negativities. Another thing that haunts most of us all the time is the thinking of our future. That is the fear of what will happen tomorrow ? This grows aggressivity and when its shows up it may b