Improve Your Self – What Are Paradigms ?

Often  when talking about It, People ask what are paradigms ? I thought it might be good to explain here what it is. Bob Proctor say s that a paradigm is a multitude of habits . This habits are stored in our subconcious mind and we are not even aware of them . We carry them usually from the past , this are things we learned from our parents and grandparent and from school ,some are even older. This people are not to blame ,they gave us what they thought is good for us . They did not know better themselves. Some we learned not long ago by ourselves. Like for example ,driving a car . We learned it and now we do it automaticly ,we do not need to think about the how, like we needed to do when we learned it. We have our habits from the morning till the evening working for us. Getting up ,brushing teeth ,shaving combing the hair, dressing ,this goes habitual. Some Habits are good ,some can be bad or not necessary.But we only see them if we get aware of them. There are a lot of stories ,bu