Skin care for Men – Men Grooming

Men Grooming Women Cosmetics Mirror this is usual. But what about men , makeup and manicure? Still sounds strange to many. But not true anymore , because our men deserve a special care of their beauty as well and look more and more for cream jars and powder puffs. Here a few tips on how you can go through the day and look handsome. Women spend an average of 80 minutes in front of the mirror before they feel ready . Make-up , hairstyle and clothes : Everything takes time and should of course be perfect down to the smallest detail. And what about you, our men?  You are  only ten minutes in front of the mirror. A little water on the face , running the fingers through the hair and run, briefly brushing teeth. Ready to go: to the office, to football, to the pub , to bed. The minimum care : but more and more a shift occurs . You may be surprised , but the women like this change. Women share , contrary to many prejudices ,the mirror happily with men. For a man who likes to maintain a bit m