On Becoming a Nurse

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me nursing

It was the fall of 1968. I entered  “nursing training”.   It is hard to believe that this is the way nurses got their education, but it was one of three ways in 1968 that we gained our Registered Nurse status. One could get your degree and go to University or take a 3 year course through a hospital based program or  2 years at a community college. The community college  program was fairly new, so my father encouraged me to do the University route or the hospital based program. He had done some ” looking into” this and found that job opportunities were improved with the 3 year program.

We were ” trained” rather than educated. Classroom learning was certainly a large part of our schooling but practice, practice, practice was the mantra that turned out efficient nursing students ready to fully integrate into the workplace.

My parents drove me up to…

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