Indian Tradition In 5 Short Lessons

Interesting for travelers to India


Indian Tradition In 5 Short LessonsIndian Tradition In 5 Short Lessons

Learning any tradition takes a lifetime, not in any

limited numbers of steps.

Learning Indian traditionin 5 lessons is actually a

random list of things as seen by a visitor and ways

on how deal with them.

In the mean time, India is the favorite destination among western companies. The western businessmen who came to visit so far, are slowly learning that to succseed in business in India means to understand the folks first.

Outsiders must learn how to see, hear, and feel like the Indians, rather than thinking along the lines of good earnings, favorable contracts, customer satisfaction, low-cost labor and experience, higher business values and all that.

Listed here are some tips on how to walk, talk, think and feel? like an Indian, in random order.


For an Indian, religion comes first. It dominates his thinking, eating,his attitudes and habits. It…

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