Agra And The Famous Taj Mahal


Agra And The  Famous Taj MahalAgra And The Famous Taj Mahal


In North India is the metropolis of Agra, which is world

famous for the Taj Mahal. In 2004, the city had the 350th

celebration of the legendary Crown Palace of the Mughal era.

The Taj Mahal is one of the elected 7 Wonders of the World ,

one of several UNESCO World Heritage plane in the city on

the river Yamuna. Agra is a city between history and modernity,

and until the mid-17th century, the capital of the Mughals.

The imposing buildings from this Indian culture time, shape

the historical part of the city.

Among the most visited attractions in addition to the Taj Mahal

is the Red Fort of Agra . The Agra Fort dominates the center of

the city as a magnificent building and is situated on the western

bank of the Yamuna. In the today’s industrial and commercial…

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