The 6 Ultimate Time-Saving Canva Hacks for Social Media Managers & Entrepreneurs

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6 Canva Hacks

As a social media manager, I have to find quick and easy ways to get things done. Social media in itself can be a total time SUCK. When you’re on Facebook, Twitter, or don’t even get me started with Pinterest… where does the time go?

Creating images for social media can also take away some of your valuable time, even with an awesome tool like Canva.

So I have for you some easy Canva hacks for social media managers and entrepreneurs that I use on Canva on a daily basis. These hacks will definitely help you.

You’ll learn about batching, Canva layouts, blank templates, frames, copy features, and change default settings. Here we go!

1. Batch It Up!

Just like baking cookies, you have a good amount of neatly spooned cookie dough in rows on the cookie sheet. In Canva, you can create your own batch of creations. You can…

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