An Exploration & Discovery With Free Infographic Tools


An Exploration & Discovery with Free Infographic Tools

Infographics have become one of the most popular visual content marketing tools. The effectiveness is incredible in providing boring statistics into a visual display to get the readers to learn all about anything and everything FAST. People don’t like to read charts and graphs. It can get rather confusing and that’s where infographics have become a handy tool to distribute facts in a visually appealing way.

Girl confused about graphs Confused about those stats?

I’ve wanted to create an infographic for some time now and I knew if I could get some great stats I could come up with a visually appealing infographic to make the stats user-friendly.

The question I had was, “Would Canva be the tool to create an awesome infographic?” Canva is an amazing tool and has lots of icons that can be used. They do have an excellent article on infographics here through their Design School. What I noticed was…

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