Breathing – Lose Weight By Proper Breathing

Be Total Well

Breathe proper and lose weight!

You can stimulate the metabolism by proper breathingand accumulate the cells with

Breathing - Lose Weight By Proper BreathingBreathing – Lose Weight By Proper    Breathing

oxygen.This sets a process in motion in which the pounds decrease.

Lose Weight by Breathingfirst sounds like diet magic but if we look closer it gets clear

how and why we can breathe us slim. The key words to explain this phenomenon are

metabolism and oxygenation of the cells. If in stress we breathe shallow and short and the

breath goes in the lungs only to rib height . Our digestive organs need but breathing

massage in order to work optimally. The deeper our breaths into the abdomen , the more

energy is released there . The effect is, we digest the food better , have fewer cravings and

eat less.

Breath and Agni

The traditional Indian medicine Ayurveda speaks in this…

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