Medical Tourism – Going To India


Medical Tourism – Going To IndiaMedical Tourism – Going To India

Medical tourism in India experiences a yearly growth rate of about 30%. By 2012, specialists estimated the revenues brought in by the business was about $2 billion. Some of the reasons why foreigners go to India include the very low cost of medical treatment, the very rich tradition, historical and spiritual landmarks and the supply of modern medical technologies and equipment.

At present, infrastructures in India is not that many, however, the price of treatment in India is only around 10% of the fee you expect to pay in America or the United Kingdom. A number of the most popular therapies that guests go for include cardiac bypass surgery, alternative medicine, eye surgery, hip resurfacing, coronary heart surgery, orthopedic surgery and bone marrow transplant.

The health capital of India is Chennai, situated in the southern region. The town brings in around 45% of medical…

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