The 2 Best & Free Image Editing Tools To Remove Backgrounds

Great tools for images from Tigerlilly 🙂

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When I create graphics for social media or blogs, there are times when I come across a graphic with a white background. Even some of my clients receive great logos from their designers however they never get a logo with the transparent background. The question is how to get rid of the dreaded white background without going into Adobe Photoshop or paying for a software to get it done.

square meme

I have tested so many web applications and it all came down to 2 image photo editors to remove backgrounds that were super easy to use. I mean REALLY easy to use.

squareisgonememe Using image editors can make it easy to remove the white background. These kids are pretty excited!

I know many people love ClippingMagic and PicMonkey for transparent backgrounds. However they just don’t work for me that well.

Here’s the 2 BEST & FREE image editing tools to remove backgrounds:



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