20 Quotes to Celebrate What It Takes To Be A Mother

Kingdom Ambassadors Empowerment Network

It is amazing how we have specific days that we celebrate to show appreciation to loved ones or to demonstrate what we believe. It is a great way to make someone feel special and appreciated or to show the world what you stand for.

The sad part is that eventually it becomes like empty rituals. In February, we had Valentine’s Day, and it was all love and roses for the day. That’s awesome, but did it continue the next day, and the next…..and the next?

In March everybody celebrated Easter. We as Christians celebrated our salvation, the fact that Jesus is alive and paid for our sins. But after the Easter weekend has passed? Did you go back to your old negative, grumpy self? How did you treat your colleagues when you returned to work after that weekend? How did you conduct business? Can people still see Jesus in you?

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