How To Live A Transformed Life – 17 Revolutionary Affirmations

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Too many people are walking around today feeling helpless, defeated, in fear and by their own thoughts, words and actions have passed the death sentence upon themselves. People are frustrated and depressed. Trying to cope they are existing in part, and are really not living and enjoying the positive things that life have to offer.

It is true that our world right now is buried in turmoil, chaos and confusion. But despite the hateful rhetorics, violence, crimes, racial tension and divide, you have the ability to live a transformed life where you enjoy freedom and liberty regardless of your race or skin color.

Additionally, I strongly believe there is hope. Love is still and will forever remain more powerful than hate. Negative thinking has no place in anyone’s mind because the truth is, it will only lead you down the path to destruction.

And so regardless of how difficult things…

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