Varanasi – The Gateway To Eternity


Varanasi - The Gateway To EternityVaranasi – The Gateway To Eternity

Varanasi – the holy city of the Hindus is like a mirror image of Hinduism.

If you travel to India to experience Hinduism, it is essential to visit Varanasi.
The holy city of India is in the far north of the country,on the banks of the river Ganges , the holy sacred river of the Hindus .

The city of Varanasi, in the far north of India,
the state of Uttar Pradesh is THE city of pilgrimage of the Hindus.

It is the holy city of Lord Shiva.

In this region, the Ganges on its way coming from the nearby Himalayas ,makes a turn to the south.

Once in Varanasi, you are in a special world.
Varanasi produces a strange mood, time seems to go slower here.

About a thousand years before the beginning of the modern era Varanasi was a sacred place.

Varanasi ,the…

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