As If Sunken In The Sea

by Dr.Harald Wiesendanger Klartext

Have most of Europe now gone under like Atlantis once did?

At least, that is how it appears in the distorting mirror of mass media as soon as it comes to Covid-19. Strangely unanimously, their reporting hides countries that moderate or even end their corona emergency regime. Instead, the headlines dominate hygiene dictatorships, which since spring 2020 have not shrunk from breaking the constitution in the “war” against a virus that “rages” no worse than a mean flu wave. If no one controls this propaganda journalism remotely, why does it look like it?

With more and more new, more and more ridiculous excuses, the Big Four of the EU is extending and tightening epidemic protection that was at no time appropriate to the actual extent of the threat posed by SARS-CoV-2. Test compulsions, distancing requirements, compulsions to “voluntarily” participate in a genetic engineering field test called “Covid vaccination”: Hardly a day goes by when politicians in Germany, France, Italy, and Spain fail to come up with the next dodgy move to protect their populations in the To leave the emergency mode and continue to deprive them of fundamental rights. Even smaller countries that play along can be sure of benevolent reporting: from Belgium to Austria to Greece.

However, as soon as a country deviates from the course of the hardliners, it suddenly becomes strangely quiet. On July 19, 2021, “Freedom Day,” almost all government corona measures suddenly fell in England. Why has the mainstream media not kept us up to date on how this departure from the MerkelMacronDraghi line affects public health there? From April, Denmark gradually relaxed corona restrictions, and on September 10, they fell completely (1); The mask requirement, which had applied nationwide since August 22, 2020, ended on June 14. What was the bad result of this for our little northern neighbor? And why don’t we find out every day something encouraging about how remarkably well Sweden got through the crisis with its consistently liberal course, without any lockdowns, mummery, and constitutional breaches on the assembly line? (2)

There is also widespread silence about countries whose governments are officially showing toughness – under pressure from WHO obligations. And probably also to meet the IMF and the World Bank loan requirements – but allow their subjects to do their thing when they comply with AHA rules in everyday life Pipes. It applies to almost the entire former Eastern Bloc. My wife, a native of Ukraine, breathes a sigh of relief every time she can flee to her old homeland for a few weeks from the chronically coronoid Federal Republic. Astounded tourists feel like on another planet in Croatia (3) and Bosnia in Romania and Bulgaria. Even from Russia (4) and Belarus, badly reputed autocracies, vacationers, business people, and journalists report unexpected experiences of freedom that have been withheld from them for a year and a half by “the best Germany that has ever existed.”

Where the mainstream media turn a blind eye, KLARTEXT is investigating. How are “looseners” like England, Sweden, Denmark doing? Do they have to pay bitterly for their renunciation of disproportionate hygiene terror – as seen from the dramatic increase in the number of cases, hospitalizations, transfers to intensive care units, deaths? Have European countries that adhere to strict epidemic protection fared significantly better in the past few months? On the contrary:

Daily new”Corona-Cases (positive PCR-test) per 1 Million
“Covid-Cases” per week in hospital per 1 million
Daily new”Covod-Cases in ICU per 1 million
Daily new “Covid-19 death” (died of or with “SARS CoV-2} per million
Deaths since April 21 compared to the average of previous years

These trends correspond to the findings of several studies that have investigated the health effects of disease control measures since the beginning of the pandemic. (5)

Isn’t there a lot of newsworthy material in such pleasant statistics for daily specials, for panel discussions, for cover stories? For self-confident journalism that wants to remain the fourth estate instead of being harnessed to a political agenda? Those who instead help to stir up panic are doing their part to prolong the crisis for reasons that have precious little to do with health.

By the way, Denmark has just decided not to use vaccination cards to restrict freedom of movement from September 10, 2021. As Health Minister Magnus Heunicke explained, the identification system could at best be reintroduced if infection rates rise “threateningly.” Denmark was one of the first countries to introduce a digital vaccination record; since April 2021, it has been affecting public life there. The Danes demonstrated against this for months. It seems that their persistent protests eventually had the desired effect. Doesn’t this prove that tyrannical attacks by the state can be averted if enough citizens defend themselves instead of being trustingly good?

If a renegade country like Denmark or Sweden falls out of the media’s field of vision, it can still be said to be lucky. Like Brazil, India, and, more recently, Florida, it is initially thriving to be staged as an apocalyptic “corona hell.” Only when alarmists, with the best of intentions, can no longer locate stacked coffins, overcrowded crematoria, overcrowded cemeteries, and nurses on the verge of a nervous breakdown do they resort to the “Atlantis-trick.”

(Harald Wiesendanger).

Translated from Klartext

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