In The Third World War

by Dr.Harald Wiesendanger– Klartext

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From Berlin to New York, from Melbourne to Paris, from Tel Aviv to Wellington, a war of aggression rages against all of humanity. It is used here as a psychological weapon of tremendous power: the panic virus. Who are the aggressors? What is their battle plan? What war aims are they pursuing?

The Third World War has been raging since January 2020. He is the first to live up to his name. He will change our planet at least as profoundly as his two predecessors did. After that, almost nothing will be the same as before.

The two “world” wars of the 20th century really raged in a geographically limited way. By no means did they involve all countries; Two dozen stayed out of the first, but a handful managed to do so in the second. Each time a part of the world population was spared. Civilians were less at risk than soldiers. Those who wanted to escape the chaos of war found refuge elsewhere.

In World War III, on the other hand, there is no escape for anyone. It has ravaged almost every country, from Italy to Israel and New Zealand to the USA. A largely safe haven can only be found at the North Pole or in the Antarctic.

The media is full of this global catastrophe. But they funnel us into misinterpretations about them, parroting leaders like Emmanuel MacronDonald Trump, and Joe Biden, who unanimously declared a “war on the virus.” As an attacker, they present us with an alleged “killer germ” called SARS-CoV-2, which humanity must contain in a united effort.

In doing so, they deceived us, and perhaps even themselves, from the start about the nature of this undeclared war. The real aggressor is the one who uses the virus with hostile intent. It is not the virus that threatens humanity. Someone does it to him. No, he hardly ever misuses it as a biological weapon. But propaganda as a weapon.

Because of this, hardly anyone notices this world war: it is fought entirely different than its predecessor. So far, not a single shot has been fired. Nowhere are soldiers marching, flying missiles, firing cannons, or exploding bombs. No border post fell, not a square meter of additional land was taken.

Because the decisive weapon of war is invisible nevertheless, it has devastating power; its range far exceeds any atomic bomb. The Third World War is the first to take place primarily on a psychological level. He is wielded with a weapon that is far more infectious than any microbe: the panic virus.

This germ is mainly transmitted via monitors with a television or internet connection. Critical reason and history lessons could provide some herd immunity. But without regular booster vaccinations utilizing civic education, the number of intellectual antibodies in most people drops surprisingly quickly, as has been shown since the beginning of 2020.

The target: the fundamental values ​​of Western democracies

This undeclared war is under constant fire: Western democracies, their basic principle of the separation of powers, the fundamental human rights to freedom and privacy, the dream of an open society of self-determined, equal, enlightened individuals, with no more state control than absolutely necessary.

The aggressors include the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), headed by its general secretary Xi Jinping. The pandemic is their plan. With her, she led the rest of the world to an unprecedented, never-tested epidemic control measure called “Lockdown,” which she largely spared her own country.

Like all brilliant ideas, the lockdown stratagem also amazes with its breathtaking simplicity. A hellish danger is staged, which is made vivid with horror images: infected people drop dead in rows on the sidewalks, as if struck by lightning; Troops in protective suits disinfect deserted streets; In overcrowded intensive care units, suffocating people gasp, coffins are piled up to the ceiling, and crematoria can hardly keep up with the cremation of corpses. Then they stage the most draconian approach possible to contain the alleged epidemic: mass quarantines of sick and healthy people, curfews, closures of businesses and schools. Because you wreak monstrous havoc in your own economy and society, you have to end it quickly. And so, they immediately claim a resounding success. And this encourages the war opponent to imitate the supposedly victorious method. If he fails, it is solely because he has not yet implemented infection protection à la Red China consistently enough. So he must continue to apply them and tighten them up. And as long as he does that, he continues to harm himself.

It is psychological warfare at its best – in the spirit of the one-and-a-half millennia-old “36 stratagems” of the legendary General Tan Daoji, which are common knowledge in schools in the Middle Kingdom. Because China’s communists first and foremost hit their own country when they staged a specter called the corona pandemic. But they only hit it a tiny bit. They left it to others to do immense damage to the economy over a longer period of time. China’s lockdown in early 2020 ultimately only affected one of 22 provinces, namely Hubei; almost 2% of the state area; 4% of the total population; and 14 of over 150 megacities, including Wuhan. The vast majority of the rest of the world, on the other hand, has allowed itself to be carried away by nationwide quarantine open end. They drag on for many months, while the ghost was over in Wuhan after eleven weeks, in all of Hubei after eight – allegedly with a glorious “zero-covid” triumph. (1) While, by copying Xi’s blueprint, supposedly established democracies like Australia and New Zealand were turning into oversized corona concentration camps, people in the land of smiles are secretly laughing in their sleeves.

Instead of immediately questioning and exposing the lying narrative “China controls the virus,” Western media outdid themselves in cementing it. Around the globe, they legitimized the silly fairy tale that the two-month lockdown in Wuhan eliminated domestic cases across the People’s Republic as they spread everywhere outside of China. And so the world began “to fight a virus from China with a Chinese health policy that is transforming the world in China,” as the American lawyer Michael P. Senger aptly stated. The lockdown became China’s biggest export hit since the invention of paper and gunpowder.

Anyone who falls for such madness truly deserves the title “Covidiot.” Because it is apparently teeming with Western leaders, China was able to stay true to its propaganda line. Every few months, Beijing reacts to every new so-called “outbreak” – not linked to massive numbers of illnesses and deaths, but to those who have tested positive – with a brutality that can hardly be increased. Every time it shoots sparrows with cannons, a handful of PCR positives is enough for the most brutal measures. (See CLEAR TEXT “With cannons on sparrows.”) Furthermore, this never happens nationwide for a more extended time but is regionally and temporally limited. And of course, the success rates are always one hundred percent in no time, unmasked and cheered without distance, for example, by a thousand guests at a pool party in Wuhan (2), by hundreds of thousands at an Oktoberfest in Qingdao. (3)

Xi beckons the rest of the world with the fence post: Maximum effective protection against infection requires dealing with one’s own population in the same inhuman way as Western moralists have always held up against China’s communists.

In doing so, Xi operates entirely within the framework of international law. The Geneva Conventions of August 1949 expressly allows the use of stratagems – in the sense of “acts which are intended to mislead an opponent or to induce him to act carelessly. (…) Examples are camouflage, (…), sham operations, and misleading information. “(4)

It may have been the legendary Chinese General Sunzi who inspired Xi. “Fighting and victorious in all battles is not the greatest achievement,” wrote Sunzi around 500 years before Christ in his classic The Art of War. “Rather, it consists of breaking the enemy’s resistance without a fight.” (5). Among military strategists, Sunzi’s writing is still standard work today. Mao adored him, as did Xi’s predecessor Hu Jintao.

If China’s strong man had also deployed troops and let missiles fly, experts would speak of “hybrid warfare”: a mixture of regular and unconventional operations. But why sacrifice the life of a soldier and waste material when strategic goals can be achieved covertly, at least as well?

What was China risking itself? Nothing.

There are increasing indications that SARS-CoV-2 actually spread much earlier than the world public was led to believe. In reanalyzed blood samples taken from respiratory patients in northern Italy in autumn 2019, antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 were found in December 2019 and in 7389 blood donations in Los Angeles and 124 nasal and throat swabs from patients in Paris intensive care units. (6) Months before the official “outbreak” in Wuhan, the virus appeared in sewage from Milan, Turin (7), and Barcelona. According to leaked official documents, Chinese hospitals began admitting the first cases of patients with Covid-19 symptoms by the beginning of October 2019 at the latest.

Shortly beforehand, there must have been a severe accident at Wuhan’s Institute of Virology, as indicated by satellite images and telecommunications data. (8) There, coronaviruses have been intensively researched and biotechnologically manipulated for at least a decade and a half. Also, thanks to US research funding. How else could their spikes, without first having undergone the slightest natural evolution, dock with the ACE2 receptors of human cells far better than with those of any other species, including bats? Increasing evidence suggests that SARS-CoV-2 received ample Gain of Functions in Wuhan’s high-security laboratory. (9) Its virulence must have been thoroughly researched: in cell cultures, in animal experiments, perhaps also in experiments on humans.

Under these circumstances, the Chinese leadership had a tremendous informational advantage by January 2020. She kept it a secret until all war preparations were completed.

How could Beijing take its time?

Because a pathogen does not have to be extremely dangerous to be suitable for a planemia. How to stage such a smear had already been tried twice, 2006 and 2009, with the bird and swine flu with harmless influenza viruses. In addition, the sick and dying can be found at any time for the necessary horror images and videos. It is sufficient to give the pathogen a unique name, circulate a memorable picture of it suitable as a fear icon – such as a spiked ball – and establish a test procedure that can find it in almost everyone. Not three are on the tree. The nimble PCR tailor Christian Drosten had already proven himself brilliantly in all real and supposed pandemics of the 21st century since 2003. The first Sars wave – he could always rely on the fact that he would ensure the assembly line production of “cases.” (10). Why do you think Drosten, of all people, was the first foreign virologist to receive “confidential” cues from China at the end of 2019 that something was in the bush and was leaked gene sequences of the new pathogen even before they appeared in any official database?

Suppose SARS-CoV-2 was already on the move in the entire fourth quarter of 2020. In that case, it should have infected a large part of the People’s Republic by the beginning of 2020 – based on the initial reproduction rate, without any containment measures.

Even so, China’s intensive care units and morgues by no means began to overflow from October 2020. Otherwise, not even Beijing’s Orwellian censorship monster would have been able to prevent the outside world from discovering how terribly a new pathogen is raging everywhere.

And so, the CCP could already be sure for at least three months before the official start of the pandemic: This virus is highly contagious but relatively harmless and not significantly more deadly than influenza. It is predominantly the elderly, those with previous illnesses, and those with immunodeficiency who succumb to it, generally within the scope of their statistical life expectancy.

Under these circumstances, Xi did not feel compelled to order infection protection as early as autumn 2019. Instead, he could just let the plague take its natural course. Meanwhile, he had plenty of leisure to make plans. How can this coronavirus, which is prone to spread, be used optimally to China’s advantage?

The World Health Organization had created a crucial prerequisite for this from spring 2009: Step by step, it watered down the term pandemic. If it had previously included a large number of seriously ill and dead people, from now on, an intercontinental wave of infections was sufficient. So Xi knew: As soon as Beijing reports the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak, the WHO would sound the pandemic alarm, especially under a cooperative general secretary like the Marxist and Mao admirer Tedros Ghebreyesus, who would never sit in his executive chair if China had him would not have protested there in May 2017.

How the WHO member states must react to such an alarm had long been laid down in various action plans, and Chinese representatives had helped draft them. The publication World At Risk, published in September 2019 by the 14-person Global Preparedness Monitoring Board (GPMB) of the WHO, testifies to the hard hand of a totalitarian approach.

The infamous “Event 201”, to which the Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum had invited to New York on October 18, 2019, offered China a brilliant opportunity to ensure that the war opponent was ready to react. Also at the table was the head of the Chinese epidemic protection agency, the virologist George Fu Gao, also a GPMB member. At least for him, this round at Johns Hopkins University was far more than a mere mind game – he already knew it was about reality. After Beijing, Gao reported in detail what the western world would do as soon as China officially announced an “outbreak.” At the same time, he had the opportunity to advertise a “Chinese way” of disease control. As recordings of the “Event 201” sessions document, Gao did not receive any contradiction in the group, but instead plenty of understanding and approval.

Xi has already won this world war.

The outcome of the Third World War has already been determined. At least, that is how a leading Chinese scientist with close ties to the government sees it. Chen Ping, professor of economics at Beijing University and senior researcher at the China Institute at Fudan University, a party-affiliated think tank, triumphed in a Twitter video in May 2021 that his country “defeated” the USA. In 2020 it had “won the trade war, the science and technology war and, above all, the biological war,” he proclaimed proudly. It had “put America back in its place”. This success was “unprecedented, an epoch-making historical one Record, “continued Chen. Therefore,” the model of development and modernization of the US and Europe is not worthy of being imitated and replicated by China, “he added. “For the liberal cult within China, its worship of the USA is actually unfounded.”

Because “the western model has failed,” said Chen Ping, “its 500-year civilization is doomed, the Chinese Communist Party has won. It will lead the way of modernization in the new era after the biological revolution of the 2020 pandemic. “

Puppet dances on the strings of a tyrant

To understand which war aims Beijing is pursuing, it didn’t take Chen Ping’s Twitter appearance first. Internal speeches and strategy papers by top Chinese officials have made it clear for a long time, from Xi’s term in office, but also before that: China wants to become the number one global leader. The legitimacy and authority of the Communist Party must be absolutely inviolable, worldwide as well as internally. So any criticism of her must fall silent.

It is not enough to eliminate anyone who dares to bring them up. The ideals on which such criticism is based must be wholly discredited. The rest of the world must understand: The future belongs to socialism with a Red Chinese character. He is the best man to solve the pressing problems of humankind. A pandemic enables him to demonstrate this impressively. Why not with climate protection against population explosion and mass migration, world hunger, and poverty in the future? “China wins in a system comparison,” the Frankfurter Allgemeine had two sinophile professors write.

8,000 kilometers to the east, people like to read something like this: To completely eradicate a bad virus, you have to love Xi fascism. On every day on which a Merkel, a Macron, a Draghi, a Biden Xis wield lockdown club, they basically perform puppet dances on the strings of an autocratic ruler with indecent unlimited power. The constitution on which they swore their oath no longer counts. They copy a terror regime that mercilessly nips even the timidest free movement in the bud. It totally monitors its people and brings them into line with a social point system, extensively censors divergent opinions, intimidates, harasses, locks away, or makes them disappear forever, religious and ethnic minorities oppressed and re-educated because they are “infected with the virus of extremism.”

“Mr. Global “: China’s Most Powerful Ally

In its undeclared world war, Red China’s Zuìgāo Lǐngdǎorén, its “Outstanding Leader,” can count on a no less powerful ally – let’s call him “Mr. Global.” (The US investment banker Catherine Austin Fitts, a former state secretary under US President George Bush senior, gave this nickname to “the committee that rules the world.”) The name stands for Western elites, who appreciate China’s war perfectly: multinational corporations from the pharmaceutical, tech, and financial sectors as well as pseudo-philanthropists and do-gooders worth billions, from the intellectual heirs of David Rockefeller, who died in 2017, to media mogul Ted Turner, injection fetishist Bill Gates and financial investor George Soros to the transhuman founder of the World Economic Forum, the aged Klaus Schwab.

Mr. Global makes no secret of his sympathy for the Chinese model. He has had friendly relations with China’s rulers for a long time and assures them of his appreciation. Gates has visited China over a dozen times since the 1990s. Gates friend David Rockefeller celebrated “the” social experiment in China under the leadership of Chairman Mao “- the megalomaniac project of the” Great Leap “and the” Cultural Revolution “that cost at least 45 million lives – as” one of the most important and successful of the Story”. (11) At the end of 2020, WWF boss Schwab praised China for having “led the world in the fight against the pandemic”.

Mr. Global praises the efficiency of China’s communists, makes brilliant business with them free of moral scruples, opens doors to decision-making bodies for them. The future profits, so Mr. Global believes, will secure a world order rebuilt and centralized according to the Chinese blueprint far better than the American-dominated, democratic ideals committed before 2020. The more a population can be monitored, controlled, censored, and sanctioned for deviant behavior, the less it endangers corporate profits and limits the elites’ wealth, power, and privileges.

As strategy papers, simulation games, and meeting minutes from the past two decades show, Mr. Global has long viewed a pandemic as the perfect door opener to initiate the desired restructuring, a “Great Reset.” SARS-CoV-2 offers a historic opportunity for which he was well prepared. Now he grabs her by the forelock.

Nobody knows whether there were strategic agreements between the two warmongers. But they wouldn’t even be necessary. Convergence of interests is sufficient. Both use an alarmist World Health Organization; the routine lies with numbers in the ubiquitous dashboard of Johns Hopkins, the apocalyptic prognoses of the Imperial College, and a still unvalidated Drosten PCR test, which produces a hyperinflation of “cases.”

China has known for a long time what Mr. Global is up to and how he intends to proceed. Whenever he played mind games since the turn of the millennium, representatives of Beijing would sit at the table and perk up their ears. In these rounds, they were allowed to help plan and promote inhuman health policies in an emergency – most recently at the notorious “Event 201” in October 2019, immediately before the new virus outbreak.

Xi learned from this: In order to bury the democratic world order under an avalanche, it was enough to throw a snowball from Wuhan. Most of the rest was done by his strategic partner.

Clear alibi – health is the bottom line of this war.

The rumor persists that this alliance’s war is about protecting the health of the world’s population. If so, the daily front reports would look completely different. There would be no scaremongering with R-values, incidences, and other infection process indicators, clusters, and hotspots, with waves, risk, and mutation areas. Because being infected is not a disease, consequently meaningless, both clinically and constitutionally. If public health is seriously threatened, there is an emergency in which freedom rights have to take a back seat – but no Basic Law has ever transfigured sheer freedom from infection into a legal asset worthy of protection. It was made for citizens who are inevitably “infested” with trillions of viruses and other microbes from their first breath to their last breath.

The focus is not on the 0.15% infected with the grave, but on the 99.85% who survive SARS-CoV-2, even 99.96% if they are younger than 70. Every day the media would announce the good news that four out of five people affected survive infection without symptoms, while another 15% develop mild, cold-like symptoms at best. Around the clock, there would be clarification about which miracle of nature provides such pleasing statistics: an immune system that can also render coronaviruses harmless as long as it is intact.

Concerned citizens would get reassuring expert tips from all channels on how they can strengthen their body’s own defenses – not through mumming, disinfectants, and anxious hopes for unproven, high-risk vaccines, but through vitamin D, zinc, and other micronutrients, through slim down and full-fledged nutrition, more exercise, and fewer pleasure poisons. Sincerely endeavored proportionate disease control would be prophylactic and selective; he would concentrate on the risk groups that need him most – the old, the sick, the immune system -, help them with the prevention, ask the rest for consideration leave the rest alone. A “war on the virus” that renounces all of this will drag it on for no reason, regardless of devastating collateral damage. And this proves that it is actually being waged against the population instead of for them – that it is secretly following a completely different agenda.

The longer the world remains in lockdown, the more it serves the interests of the two warmongers. They speculate: With every additional month that a population is subjected to reprisals, their willingness to come to terms with the “new normal” to accept surveillance and data abuse. And to accept the permanent restriction of fundamental rights, to be blackmailed into tests and vaccinations grows to forego physical self-determination. At the same time, more and more citizens are starting to get used to a state control regime that previously only seemed conceivable in autocracies like Red China.

How this Third World War ends depends on the behavior of those institutions that are most likely to thwart the attackers’ plans: governments and international organizations capable of making decisions independently, incorruptible authorities, self-confident parliaments, a genuinely free science, critical media, imperturbable courts. With insane financial resources, an army of lobbyists, and global propaganda agencies, Mr. Global tries to ensure that these potential opposing forces do not jeopardize the aim of the war. So far, he’s been doing this scary well.

Lies have short legs – they still run as long as no one knocks them over. If this does not succeed soon, they will become the irrefutable, fact-checked truths of a thousand-year-old empire of inhuman technocrats, whose insane addiction to control no one can stop. Then there is a dead-quiet, unshakable order everywhere, like Xi, Bill, and Klaus envisioned.

(Harald Wiesendanger)


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