Normality? Only when almost everyone is vaccinated, says Joe Biden

by Dr.Harald Wiesendanger– Klartext

President Joe Biden doesn’t want his country to go back to normal until almost all Americans are “jabbed.” His goal is a vaccination rate of 96 to 98 percent. How did he come up with that?

Slips of the tongue, dropouts, blunders: doubts about his mental health have accompanied the aged US president since the beginning of his term in office. Then he forgets the name of his own defense minister and the Australian prime minister. He confuses Syria with Libya, Trump with George Bush. And he embarrasses himself with apparently fabricated soldiers’ stories from Afghanistan. He introduces a granddaughter to an irritated crowd as his deceased son. Republicans consider him senile, as does Putin. A new American president had never been older than Biden when he took office in 78.

Any remaining confidence in his sanity he destroyed on the afternoon of September 27th. When asked by journalists when the country could return to normal, he said America would be “very close” if just about every single citizen were vaccinated:

“Well, I think … you see. I think that we are the vast majority, like in some of these industries and schools – 96, 97, 98%, I think we are going to get very close to that,” said the President – after thinking three times, as his quote confirms.

Biden spoke to media representatives in the White House on Monday afternoon, September 27th, while he received a booster “vaccination” against Covid-19. By then, 55% of the US population was fully vaccinated. The President left it open as to whether Americans would have to expect regular booster vaccinations in the future to be considered and remain “fully vaccinated.”

Biden allegedly received his “booster” in the White House, as TV images suggest. In fact, the screening took place in a TV studio in which the Oval Office had been recreated. Why the circumstances? This theater raises questions. If the setting was a fake – why not Biden’s “vaccination” too? Did any reporter research what was in the syringe?

How Biden achieved his goal in terms of vaccination statistics, probably only the lobbyists who keep briefing him know. The author and columnist Tim Young promptly mocked the President for the seemingly arbitrary number drawn out of thin air. Young urged Americans not to wait for permission to go back to normal. “There is no scientific basis for it … and [Biden] himself has said otherwise on several occasions. (…) ‘We can be normal now’… but most people are already living normally.” 

During his omissions to reporters, however, Biden declined that he was “not the scientist.” And this gives an idea of ​​what kind of “scientists” he surrounds himself with – and which ones he ignores. Fauci has his ear; Mercola probably not.

The President blamed the unvaccinated for the delayed lifting of corona regulations and restrictions: “I think one thing is certain: a quarter of the country cannot remain unvaccinated without us having a problem.” What is certain is that this head of state will find it challenging to think for himself, at least as soon as the interests of large industries such as Big Pharma are at stake. He did not say a word about waves of infections and rising Covid sickness rates in supposed model countries with the world’s highest vaccination rates, above all Israel. We heard nothing from him about the fact that so-called “vaccinated people” could get infected, infect others, get seriously ill with Covid-19 and die – far more often than curdled official statistics suggest.

How did Biden get his statistical estimate? What studies led him to conclude that a 25% refusal to vaccinate is an intolerable situation that prevents full reopening? Why does a vaccination rate of 96 to 98% suddenly have to come about? “He moves the goalposts at random,” accuses Ted Cruz, Republican Senator from Texas.

How about a flying visit to the elite Harvard University? There 96% of the employees and 95% of all students are covid-vaccinated. How does Biden explain the fact that Harvard Business School just had to announce: After the semester began with face-to-face teaching, they will now have to return to distance learning because vaccination breakthroughs are increasing?

While more than half of all US states have largely or entirely lifted corona restrictions without conjuring up a virus apocalypse, Biden continues to act as an uncompromising hardliner. At the end of July, amid a relaxed infection situation and a well-advanced vaccination campaign, he threatened the next lockdown: “In all likelihood,” further restrictions would be necessary, he indicated. In mid-August, he thought aloud about setting up checkpoints on highways to ensure that only vaccinated people cross the borders between US states. More than 20 states, almost all Republican governed, have announced that they will take legal action against Washington’s vaccination mandates.

“Why the hell should I take a dementia test?” Biden asked rhetorically on a television show in August 2020. At least now we know.

(Harald Wiesendanger)

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