A Nightmare called Lithuania – Where Covid Passports Can Lead

by Dr.Harald Wiesendanger– Klartext

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The immunity card as a ticket to freedom? The strictest Covid passport system in Europe applies in Lithuania. The Baltic republic was brought about by a ruthless hygiene terror regime that trampled on fundamental human rights. It harassed and blackmailed the unvaccinated, pilloried them, barred them from public life almost completely, incited the rest of the population against them. Critics are slandered and silenced. A desperate family man reports from there.

In Lithuania, the southernmost of the three Baltic states, the ninth week of the strictest Covidpass regime in Europe is now running. There is no end in sight. On the contrary, it will soon be even stricter.

The desperate situation in which Lithuanians find themselves who refuse to submit to the state hygiene terror and want to be “poked” describes a family man, Gluboco Lietuva, his name on Twitter in a thread that is in acute danger of deletion. “Without a passport, my wife and I are only allowed to enter small shops that mainly sell food and medicines. Anything else is forbidden to us. “

“Without a passport, we are banned from all clothing stores by law. Even second-hand stores must enforce the ban. Nobody is allowed to buy or sell without the passport. “

Even in bookstores, drugstores, general stores, “we are not allowed in without a passport. We are banished. “

Until mid-October, the family was at least allowed to get food and medicine in small shops. But then “the bureaucrats decided that this was too lax: they imposed a new restriction,” according to which small shops are either allowed to let in a maximum of one buyer per 30 square meters of sales area – or people without a passport have to refuse entry.

But “one customer per 30 square meters is not enough for many businesses to survive. And so many – both individual dealers and entire chains – opted for the option of locking us out. According to the motto: Kill or be killed.

Lidl is also involved:

As a result, “there is no longer any way to buy food without a passport in many areas. The supermarkets have already excluded us since September, and now small shops are also locking us out.” How do you get any groceries then? “On-line. At outdoor markets. Or you can find one of the few shops that have not yet forbidden us to enter. “

Most pharmacies also submit to bio-fascist excesses. Because they are usually only allowed to admit one customer per 30 square meters, long queues often form in front of the entrance doors unless they require an immunity card. Patients who depend on drugs have to endure outside in wind and weather, often freezing and drenched.

Two out of five petrol stations completely block customers without a passport. Only one in five still allows them to enter. The rest only allow you to refuel and then pay outside.

Banks still offer all the usual services only to passport holders. For every visitor without ID, only “essential financial services” such as transfers or withdrawals are allowed – for a maximum of 15 minutes.

Libraries are also only available to Covid Pass holders without restrictions. “Without a passport,” reports Gluboco Lietuva, “my family is not allowed to enter or use the facilities. We can only pick up a pre-ordered book. Separate entrances reinforce segregation. “

Police officers in Zivil raids shops, supermarkets, and shopping malls. They randomly stop people and check their Covid passport and ID to ensure it is a valid certificate that actually belongs to that person. On a single day, October 22, almost 200 officers – 2.5% of all police officers in the small country – checked 11,700 people, 0.4% of the total Lithuanian population. Anyone caught with a forged identity card or using that of another person faces a fine of up to 5000 euros. And in the event of recurrence up to six years in prison.

Every day, the Lithuanian media publish police reports about people guilty of hygiene crimes entering shops with someone else’s ID. “This is not an ‘education to promote vaccination.’ And this is how a police state acts. “

“Us against them”: Hatred poisons the social climate in Lithuania too. “Opinions that were considered reprehensible in 2019 have become mainstream in 2021. The Covid Pass regime has torn apart the ties that hold us all together in a society bit by bit,” states the Twitter author. The government, authorities and hand-picked “experts” loyal to the regime incites people against prick-phobics. “The unvaccinated act irresponsibly,” says Zivile Gudleviciene, chief advisor to Prime Minister Ingrida Simonyte. The patience is running out. We have to offer medical services to everyone. But we could restrict their access to hospitals and say that they are treated at home. “(1)

Foreign Minister Gabrielus Landsbergis let himself be carried away with the following statement: “Anyone who thinks it is okay not to be vaccinated bears a large part of the responsibility for children whose parents are dead. I know that such people are unlikely to be judged by any earthly judgment. But I hope that they will have to answer to something higher somewhere. When playing such a game, it is important not to neglect to wash your hands. Because there is blood on them. “(2)

The Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Monika Navickiene demanded: “We have to hold anti-Vaxxers accountable for the fact that they are complicit in the loss of so many human lives.” (3)

The mayor of the Lithuanian capital Vilnius, Remigijus Simasius, Minister of Justice from 2008 to 2012, threatened blatantly: “We have to restrict the freedom of movement of the unvaccinated. If you want to spend Christmas with your family, get vaccinated now. “(4)

Also, in Lithuania, “media and government together to prevent freedom of expression and suppress protests against the Covid policy.” The journalistic mainstream demands and welcomes the censorship of “disinformation” – a synonym for doubts about the official epidemic narrative:

“In this way,” Lietuva complains, “politicians and the media here and around the world are trying to normalize what is not normal: an authoritarian regime of exclusion and control, in which undesirable behavior is punished with banishment from society. “

“The Covid Pass has already turned Lithuania into a regime of authoritarianism and segregation. Other countries are now facing the same inescapable reality. We Lithuanians are only a few months ahead. “

Thought through

Will the Covid Pass remain a temporary measure that will disappear once the pandemic has subsided? It only takes a few steps to turn it into a permanent establishment: a certificate of entitlement to participate in social life and exercise fundamental rights. Once introduced, this system can easily be expanded to separate conformist and rebellious, followers and critics, “good” and “bad” citizens. A worldwide social point system based on the Red Chinese model appears on the horizon – if not already with Covid-19, then at the latest with Covid-31. Or already with Covid-24?

(Harald Wiesendanger)


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