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Sounding slap in the face for syringe fetishists: Higher vaccination rates by no means lead to fewer infections – they tend to produce even more “cases.” And this is shown by a new comparative study by the elite Harvard University, including 68 countries worldwide and 2947 US districts. She shows privileges for vaccinated people to be irrational.

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Only vaccines can end the pandemic; governments, authorities, and media have made the feared population aware since spring 2020. They could then be injected en masse. However, after a year and a half of the epidemic, it becomes clear that pricking tends to prolong and worsen the state of emergency. In 2020, with a vaccination quota of zero percent, the peak incidence values ​​were far below the constant new highs that Germany had to record in late autumn 2021 – despite at least 80 percent fully vaccinated (1), in the leading risk group of seniors even over 90 percent. Far and wide, no trace of “vaccine-induced herd immunity,” as experts close to the pharmaceutical industry promised. Instead, fully vaccinated people act unsuspectingly as super spreaders.

“What did vaccination actually do?” At least the Bild newspaper now dares to ask.

She rightly asks as S. V. Subramanian of the Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His colleague Akhil Kumar shows in the European Journal of Epidemiology. 

The two examined the relationship between new Covid-19 cases – using positive PCR tests as a benchmark – and the percentage of the fully vaccinated population, using data collected from the online database Our World as of September 3, 2021, were to be found in data.

Sixty-eight countries were included. For each, the scientists determined the Covid-19 cases per 1 million residents and the percentage of the population that was fully vaccinated.

The research team even took into account a one-month delay that could occur with fully vaccinated people, as it is said that it takes up to two weeks after the last dose before the “full vaccination protection” sets in. Nevertheless, the scientists found “no significant evidence that Covid-19 cases are decreasing with a higher percentage of the fully vaccinated population,” they write. On the contrary, higher vaccination rates were accompanied by a slight increase in cases.

Muzzled critics have long since seen this catastrophic escalation of the vaccination campaign: The vaccines weaken the immune system and make them more susceptible to infections. In addition, they may exert selection pressure on SARS-CoV-2, which allows new, highly contagious variants to emerge more quickly. They turn vaccinated people into fast breeders of mutants.

For example, in Iceland and Portugal, where more than 75% of the population are both fully vaccinated, there are more Covid-19 cases per 1 million population than in Vietnam and South Africa, where only about 10% of the population are fully vaccinated.

With more than 60% fully vaccinated population, Israel had the highest number of Covid-19 cases per 1 million population in the seven days leading up to September 3, 2021.

European vaccination champion Gibraltar has a miserable corona infection rate of 490 per 100,000 inhabitants despite an almost 100 percent prick rate. With 67.6% single vaccination and 64.1% double vaccination, Austria cannot prevent the incidence from rising to 754 by mid-November. In Bulgaria, this value is only 394; in Bosnia-Herzegovina, only 167 – and that although hardly more than one in five injected completely in both countries. (2)

As if to confirm the Harvard results, the latest travel warnings are putting all vaccination propagandists under indictment. The “high-risk areas” include the federal government and the Robert Koch Institute, of all places, Singapore, the Asian champion in matters of Covid vaccination. With 86.8% single and 82.5% double vaccinated even leaves the People’s Republic of China far behind. A vacation in Seychelles is also considered “high risk,” regardless of a vaccination rate of 85%, and in Malaysia, despite 78.4% single and 75.6% double vaccinated.

The Harvard study encountered the same trends as in the country statistics when it examined 2947 US boroughs. To do this, she used the official database of the “Covid-19 team” of the White House. Of the five counties with the highest vaccination rates – between 84.3% and 99.9% – four were on the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) list for “high transmission rates.” In 26.3% of the 57 “low transmission” counties, the vaccination rate was below 20%.

Consequently, “relying solely on vaccination as the primary strategy to contain COVID-19 should be reconsidered,” the study authors conclude. Instead, relying primarily on naturally acquired immunity would have been a better idea from the start.

(Harald Wiesendanger)

P.S .: If you want to compare yourself: Statista offers country lists with vaccination rates and infection rates.


1) Mainstream media continue to spread fake news that Germany’s vaccination rate is still below 70 percent. The Robert Koch Institute has known from its own ongoing surveys, as part of the so-called “Covimo Study,” since summer 2021 at the latest that the actual numbers are much higher: As of August 18, the difference between the survey and the official statistics was 13 percentage points for those who were vaccinated at least once, 12 percentage points for those who were fully vaccinated. For 18 to 59-year-olds, the first vaccinations were even 20 percentage points above the official figures. More here.

(2) As of mid-November 2021, according to gegen-das-coronavirus-nach-laendern/ and

https: //

Title image: Pete Linforth / Pixabay