The Prick – Massacre

by Dr.Harald Wiesendanger– Klartext

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The Covid vaccination campaign could have already claimed up to three million deaths worldwide – 60,000 in Germany alone. This horror figure does not arise from the delusions of therapy-resistant Covidiotes – it results from official statistics and known reporting rates. Governments and authorities know them. The fact that the prick continues anyway turns the collateral damage into mass murder. Will he ever be atoned for?

“A patient of mine has just died of the Covid-19 vaccine,” reports Peter McCullough, internist, cardiologist, and epidemiologist. And he is not just anyone but a full professor of medicine at the Texas A&M College of Medicine in Dallas, publisher of two specialist journals; he is one of the five US medical researchers with the most publications. “After the second injection, thrombosis developed all over her body. She had to be hospitalized. She needed intravenous blood thinners. Neurological damage occurred. After the hospital stay, she had to rely on a walking aid. When she came to me, I checked her and found more blood clots. So I prescribed her blood thinners again. I saw her again after about four weeks. She seemed to be doing a little better. But her family remained very concerned. A month later, the Dallas coroner called me and told me that she was found dead at home. “

How many such cases, asks McCullough, would be reason enough to end the ongoing Covid vaccination campaign finally?

Twelve years ago, US authorities stopped the nationwide swine flu vaccination after registering the 53rd (!) Alleged fatality. In 1976 they had already pulled the emergency brake after 32 suspected vaccine victims.

And today, after almost a year of mass vaccination against Fauci flu? In the United States, the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System VAERS (1) recorded 18,593 Covid deaths as of November 12.

The next day, EudraVigilance – the database of “serious side effects of Covid-19 vaccinations” maintained by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) – reported 17,601 deaths. PfizerBiontech’s “Comirnaty” provided two-thirds, which is unlikely to be mentioned in the laudatory speech for the Sahins on the occasion of the award of the “German Future Prize 2021”.

Does vaccination dead weigh less in corona times? When is the end? “With a program of this magnitude, anything that goes beyond 150 deaths should be an alarm signal,” at least for Peter McCullough.

Secret number of unreported cases

Around 18,000 Covid vaccine deaths each in the EU and the USA, well below 2,000 in Germany. Is that a lot or a little? Governments, authorities, and the mainstream media weigh down that it is just a matter of “suspected cases.” Hardly anyone can withstand a thorough medical examination.

A research group led by Scott McLachlan from the Queen Mary University of London contradicts this excuse. From 1644 suspected deaths from Covid-19 vaccines, which VAERS had recorded by April, she analyzed a sample of 250. In the process, she found that in 86% of the cases, there was no more plausible cause for the death than the syringe.

America’s 18,593 presumed vaccination deaths, which VAERS has shown so far, must be compared to the enormous total number of those vaccinated, so it is said. Most of them survive, don’t they? In the United States, over 225 million citizens were at least once vaccinated by mid-November, and more than 193 million were already “full.” According to this, just 0.00826% would not have survived their syringe. For Germany, fact-checkers even calculated a vaccination death rate of almost submicroscopic 0.000052%.

Is that not tolerable, measured against the monstrous mountains of corpses that the corona pandemic has piled up – as every mainstream media consumer thinks he knows?

Anyone who suggests such naive questions wants to hide the problem of underreporting: Only a fraction of the actual vaccination damage is reported at all, statistically recorded by authorities. The reasons are varied: four out of five doctors report “ADRs,” adverse drug reactions, rarely or never. Some do not see any causal connection. Others deny it out of self-interest, shy away from time-consuming formwork, consider a report to be pointless. Affected persons and their relatives do not suspect a vaccination result behind the symptom, do not know anything about display options, feel overwhelmed by the complicated reporting process, do not see any personal benefit in it.

A former executive at the Paul Ehrlich Institute assumes a meager reporting rate of around 5%. (2) The famous Lazarus Report, which Harvard University scientists prepared for the US Department of Health between 2007 and 2010, found that “less than 1% of the adverse effects of vaccines are reported”.

630,000 Covid vaccine deaths in the USA alone?

No authority denies that too little is reported. But how big is this too little, especially with Covid vaccinations?

Let us take the mean value from the estimates mentioned: Let us assume that three percent of the severe side effects of the vaccination come to the fore.

Accordingly, the Covid vaccination campaign has so far not only claimed just under 19,000 deaths in the United States but possibly over 630,000. Another three-quarter of a million could have suffered permanent paralysis and other permanent damage.

America’s Frontline Doctors Association wants to make it clear in a court case that this estimate comes much closer to the terrible truth than the official gossip of numbers. She has filed a lawsuit against the US Department of Health to stop its “illegal vaccine emergency approvals.” Among other things, she relies on a whistleblower who, as a programmer, has access to unpublished Medicare and Medicaid data, the US state health insurance for the needy, the elderly, and the disabled. As the anonymous witness explains in an affidavit, the VAERS underestimates the frequency of deaths in connection with Covid vaccinations by a factor of at least 5. As of July 9, 2021, VAERS had registered 9,048 such cases. However, by then, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) had received five times as many such reports. The actual number of deaths caused by the vaccines was therefore close to 50,000. 47,465 US citizens died within just 14 days of a Covid-19 injection; 19,400 of them were over 80 years old and 28,065 younger. (3)

What would the number be if the analysis period were extended to more than two weeks? Nobody will seriously claim that there will be no more vaccine damage afterward.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny is the director of a holistic medicine center in Ohio and one of America’s most famous vaccination critics for a long time. A Pfizer insider reportedly reported to her anonymously. “Weeping, he told me on the phone that he had documents that prove that around 200,000 people died within a week or less after they were given a Covid injection.” (4). However, Tenpenny’s informant apparently pulled out his explosive documents not yet – a hit for fact-checkers.

Are hundreds of thousands of vaccine deaths in the US alone still not enough to stop the vaccination program on the spot? American entrepreneur and philanthropist Steve Kirsch, director of a COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund, has offered a million dollars to any government official who wants to have a public debate with him about the suppressed horror statistics. So far, not a single one has accepted the challenge. As Kirsch notes, “we have replaced debate with state-directed censorship and intimidation as a means of resolving scientific disagreements.” (5)

The “Pricks” could have already killed 60,000 Germans

Human bodies seem amazingly robust to put away a Covid syringe, provided that their owners are citizens of the Federal Republic. 23 EU countries report more suspected side effects per 100,000 Covid vaccinations to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) than the responsible German Paul Ehrlich Institute PEI. The numbers from the Netherlands are 18 times higher. Are the Dutch sloppy?

Amazing: In its most recent “safety report” from October 26, the PEI shows no more than “1,802 suspected cases of the fatal outcome at different intervals from the vaccination” from the end of December 2020 to the end of September 2021. (4) Based on 107,888,714 Covid vaccinations that have taken place up to then, this is an inconspicuous 0.000167%. And this is entirely within the statistically expected range; there is no cause for concern.

The suspicion that something must be lazy here is fueled by figures from the Federal Statistical Office and the EU monitoring system, euroMOMO. In the whole of 2020, still without vaccines, strikingly increased mortality rates were only recorded in lockdown phases: an indication that SARS-CoV-2 was less “raging” than a devastating state overreaction to it. Covid victims died on average at the age of 83. In 2021, however, with available vaccines and parallel to the increasingly advanced vaccination campaign, there will be evident excess mortality; in September and October, the number of deaths was around a tenth higher than the average for previous years. (7) Younger and middle-aged adults are noticeably affected.

Translated: What is striking is the enormous mortality rate in January 21 immediately after the start of the vaccination campaign - 80% of deaths after covid vaccination occur within the first week.Also noticeable is the significant increase from autumn - in line with the fact that the vaccination protection, as far as it exists at all, wears off after a month, even disappears. But not only Covid-19, but also a vaccination-related increased susceptibility to other diseases and often serious side effects of the vakzines could be behind the increase.

Who seriously believes that Germany has to worry less about fatal vaccine side effects than other countries? Data from Great Britain (8) suggest that the disease kills significantly more people than those not vaccinated. Between February 1 and September 12, 2021, 63.5% of people who died within 28 days of testing positive from Covid-19 were fully vaccinated.

Because the US monitoring system VAERS has existed since 1990, it enables long-term trends to be identified. Since the vaccination against Covid, VAERS has received a flood of unparalleled reports in medical history. In average years, between 20,000 and 50,000 possible vaccine damage are reported here – in the first eight months of 2020. However, more than 470,000 suspicious transaction reports were received.

And this corresponds to the trend in reported deaths after vaccinations. For the entire past decade, VAERS recorded 120 to a maximum of 183 suspected cases per year – by 2021, one and a half months before the end of the year, it will be a hundred times more.

Reported US suspected vaccination deaths per year ( Vears-reporting system

And in Germany? If 97% of the 1802 official PEI “suspected cases” of vaccination deaths are underreported, the Berlin hygiene dictatorship would have to answer for no less than 60,000 human lives. Where are parliaments, media, and courts that will finally hold them accountable for this?

Collateral damage from Covid mass vaccinations:

possibly three million people injected to death

By mid-November, 51.6% of the world’s population had already been vaccinated with covid: around four billion people. Based on the VAERS reporting rate – 0.00076% – we come to the hair-raising conclusion: Corona hygiene regimes worldwide have already caused over three million people to be injected to death. 3,000,000.

If all 7.8 billion people got that “prick” that Bill Gates raved about in the spring of 2020, then the most unnecessary vaccination campaign of all time would cause six million deaths. Around thirty times more than immediately after the atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki perished.

Accordingly, the most powerful vaccination fetishist in the world underestimated when he caused outrage in May 2020 with the forecast of 700,000 victims of a global corona vaccination program. In an interview with CNBC, Gates prophesied: “We have… you know… one in ten thousand… ah… side effects. That’s… you know … way more. Seven hundred thousand … ah … you know … people who will suffer from that. “

Don’t we have to put three million vaccine deaths in relation to the no less horrific corona victim balance? According to official statistics, around 98,000 people are said to have died “with or from” Covid-19 by mid-November 2021 in Germany alone. 763,000 in the USA, 1.33 million throughout Europe, 5.1 million worldwide.

But these scary numbers are strongly suspected of having been tricked by alarmists. One becomes a “corona dead” if an unreliable PCR test has turned out positive within the last month: If no virus detection, but only specific flu-like symptoms such as cough, runny nose, fever indicate infection; if you had “contact” with someone who tested positive, diffusely defined by spatial proximity, even if no actual infection was detected; if Covid was merely “suspected” and “could not be ruled out.” Or if a pathogen transmission may have taken place but has long since subsided, the alleged infection was at least five weeks ago in four out of five people who died from Covid. (9) Distortions from fatal medical errors played a role, as did social pressures and financial incentives to forge death certificates. Manufacturers cover up what they know: As a previous reporter for the New York Times revealed in early August, Moderna alone received 300,000 reports of corona vaccine side effects within three months, the majority of which were not reported to the state database VAERS.

Vaccine deaths are also being quickly defined away. Anyone who dies within less than two weeks of receiving a first vaccination dose with Covid-19 findings is considered by the US epidemic protection agency CDC, as well as for the Robert Koch and Paul Ehrlich Institutes “Unvaccinated” – an incredibly brazen label fraud. (10) To uphold the fairy tale of the “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” he hushed up the true circumstances. In the sample of the Lachlan group, death occurred within 48 hours of injection in every second case examined and within three to seven days in a further 30%. It came to an end remarkably quickly with over 65-year-olds: “Almost a tenth (9%) died within just six hours of the vaccination, and 18% died in less than 12 hours. More than a third – 36% – did not survive until the next day. “

For how many official “Covid-19 victims” was SARS-CoV-2 actually the sole or at least the decisive cause of death?

The official “Corona victims”: 97% fakes?

Of all things, a report by Italy’s highest health institute, the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS), founded in 1934, illustrates the monstrous extent of the statistical mortuary flaying. (11) By October 2021, around 130,000 Italians had officially died of Corona. The reanalysis of the ISS, which is subordinate to the Ministry of Health, reduces this number by a whopping 97.1%: Only 3,783 deaths, 2.9%, could be directly linked to Covid-19.

The vast majority of cases concerned Italians with one to five underlying chronic diseases; many took drugs to suppress their immune system, and a certain percentage died from medical emergencies unrelated to Covid-19. A total of 67.7% suffered from more than three chronic diseases that modern medicine could not cure. Italians with chronic illnesses also suffered from ventilator-associated pneumonia and ventilator-associated lung damage. One in ten of the deceased patients had a stroke; 65.8% of Italians had arterial hypertension and were taking immunosuppressive drugs; 15.7% suffered from heart failure; 28% had ischemic heart disease, and 24.8% had atrial fibrillation. At least 17.4% already had a diseased lung. Many (29.3%) had diabetes and other metabolic disorders that severely impaired their immune response. Several patients (16.3%) were on their deathbed struggling with immunosuppressive chemotherapy and radiation drugs, which are known to be prone to respiratory infections. These cancer patients have had cancer for the past five years, with the average survival rate after chemotherapy being three to five years. Another 23.5% struggled with dementia, and their lives were coming to an end.

Until the contrary is proven, we can assume that the unmasking findings from Italy can be transferred to the rest of the world. If, of the 5.1 million alleged “corona deaths” that the Gates-sponsored Johns Hopkins University shows in impressive dashboards, only 2.9% actually succumbed to a SARS-CoV-2 infection, then just stay around 150,000 real disease victims left.

And this would mean that global mass poking could already have killed twenty times more people than the epidemic it is supposed to contain.

“How much information do we still need before we stop this genocide?” Asked the doctor and health economist Dr. Jane Ruby (12) from Washington.

In a complete damage balance, severe vaccination consequences must also appear, which one survives more or less happily: from heart muscle inflammation to the most severe allergic reactions to thrombosis, autoimmune diseases, and paralysis. By November 5, 2021, the US reporting system VAERS registered no fewer than 876,000 cases of adverse events, “undesirable events,” from all age groups – including 29,100 permanent disabilities -, a further 20,600 life-threatening incidents, around 92,000 hospitalizations, 98,000 medical professionals, Emergencies.

What would a dark figure of 97% mean here?

From the VAERS figures extrapolated to the whole of humanity: From Los Angeles to Tokyo, from Reykjavik to Cape Town, from Rio to Wellington, the previous Covid vaccinations of around four billion people on earth could have produced well over 500 million permanently disabled people. Hospitals and intensive care units worldwide, in which unvaccinated people supposedly take their fellow human’s beds away, may have already been filled with more than 1.6 billion vaccinated people who relied on the promise that the injection would save them challenging courses. An alarming number of them die – if not from Covid-19, then from foreseeable side effects of the vaccination, which no one warned them about, or from diseases that could have affected them less or nothing, had the injection not paralyzed their immune system.

Anyone who is prevented by censorship from looking into such abysses cannot really have “informed consent” to their vaccination. If it takes place anyway, it is a criminal act that occurs bodily harm.

To the immediate victims of the Pricks campaign, a clean statistic must add millions and millions of dead who could still live if they had not been systematically withheld from possible life-saving help. They were told that they would be “defenseless” against the virus without vaccines not to jeopardize the vaccination agenda. They did not receive effective prevention and therapy, which would almost always have been possible at home and which would have prevented any “overloading of the health care system” from the outset.

Since the spring of 2020, the American medical association FLCCC (13), the Ukrainian doctor Vladimir Zelenko (14), and countless naturopaths have been trying to draw attention to long-standing, proven means and measures that can prevent at least four out of five infections, severe disease courses, ICU- Stays that prevented long-covid and deaths: from vitamins to minerals to ivermectin. Instead of getting them an emergency license, politicians and officials who suppressed such offers from the start are guilty of failing to assist. You belong in court. “Crimes against humanity” accuse them of around 13,000 doctors and scientists who have signed a corresponding declaration by the International Alliance of Physicians and Medical Scientists by October 2021: “The Hippocratic Oath obliges us to do so.” They demand an immediate stop to the jabs.

Broken social contract

The US molecular biologist Robert W. Malone, co-inventor of mRNA technology, warned of the new vaccines from the start. He was also severely slandered and censored for it. “Many got vaccinated based on an unspoken social contract,” said Malone. (15) “It read: ‘By doing it, you are protecting not only yourself but also those around you. You make a sacrifice for the common good and help that we can all return to normal. ‘But now it turns out: The virus is raging worse than ever. More and more people who have been vaccinated become infected, infect others, become seriously ill, fill hospitals, intensive care units, and cemeteries; the emergency regime not only persists but takes on increasingly totalitarian traits. And so “the social contract breaks. People will have to come to terms with the fact that they have been misled. “(16)

Blind to individual risks

The blatant mass fooling includes creating the impression that Corona poses the same dire threat to life and limb in any case, and indeed an almost “apocalyptic” one. (17) This was the only way to make it clear that all of humanity must be vaccinated to fight off a virus that kills just 0.0012% of the population and 0.15% of those infected. That is in the range of the moderate flu pandemics of 1936, 1957, and 1968.

It was clear from the start that the risks were distributed extremely unevenly within the population. So the weighing of benefits and dangers must depend on the individual case, which is why every reasonable vaccination decision can only be made individually. Anyone who has already survived an infection – and that is 10 to 50% of the population depending on the country – no longer needs a prick because the acquired natural immunity protects them many times better than any injected. (18) 128 high-quality studies now underline how well this free, prescription-free protective shield works.

In the case of a multimorbid, drug-dependent older man, a severely overweight chain smoker, an immunocompromised cancer patient, or a risk analysis is entirely different from a relatively healthy middle-aged and younger adult: especially children and adolescents. Anyone under 60 is no more likely to die of Covid-19 than from an accident on the daily drive to work, from falling down stairs or slipping in the shower; In the case of minors, the risk to life is in the range of the probability of being struck by lightning.

But even for the 65+ generation, Covid vaccinations are five times more deadly than Covid itself, as has meanwhile been found. 60% of seniors hospitalized for Covid-19 are vaccinated. According to a Scandinavian study, at least 40% of deaths after vaccination in old people’s and nursing homes can be directly attributed to the injection. Excess mortality has been observed in young adults since they have been pushed for the syringe.

Deaths under 20-29 years in Israel 2015-2021,
in the period from January 1st to May 9th

The “war” on public health is wreaking havoc with unparalleled bloodbaths.

Wherever we look on this planet: The vaccination campaign has not significantly reduced Covid death rates in any country. Nowhere. On the contrary, these rose worldwide after the prick began, as the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) in Seattle shows graphically:

On the public health battlefield, hygiene terrorists are wreaking havoc on an unparalleled bloodbath. At the same time, Lauterbach assures all eyewitnesses of the slaughter that, based on the evidence, it is just a matter of tomato sauce. The leading media are hurrying to spray away the pools of blood; Anyone who has seen something is quickly exposed as a conspiracy theorist by fact-checkers. Instead of causing general horror, the spilled blood turns out to be a fast-growing fertilizer in the vaccine manufacturer’s field of business. Pfizer, Biotech, and Moderna make a profit of $ 1,000 per second with it. This year alone, Covid vaccine producers could generate sales of up to $ 190 billion – sponsored with taxpayers’ money and exempt from product liability.

How can it be that after almost a year of mass poking in Germany, despite 116 million vaccine doses administered, the pandemic is much worse than before, when we were supposedly “defenseless” at the mercy of the virus without a single poke? How can we now face up to 400,000 infections per day and 100,000 more corona deaths?

What devastation must SARS-CoV-2 have caused in Lothar Wieler’s cerebral cortex when he has just drawn the crazy conclusion that “vaccination with man and mouse” must be done, “otherwise we will not get this crisis under control” and “are going to have a bad Christmas.” Who will finally put the cups in the RKI cupboard?

Put the pandemic figures of the covid-vaccine-free 2020 and the vaccine-free 2021 next to each other. You will understand without further ado without ten statistical semesters: The strategy of defeating Corona with vaccines has crashed. Europe, proud of its high vaccination rates, has become the absurd hotspot of the epidemic, while Africans, with often only 1 to 10 vaccinated per 100 inhabitants, have little to complain about. Governments degenerated into pharmaceutical advertising agencies are hushing up the debacle; one-eyed experts and desk criminals, known as “journalists,” are aiding and abetting. With every further death, their complicity grows. Peter McCullough sums it up in one sentence: “The Covid injections don’t work and cause enormous damage – a disaster.”

The “worst crisis in modern history,” as economics professor Michel Chossudovsky calls it, makes us witness the greatest foray of all time. Concocted and implemented by a historically unprecedented conspiracy that ensures that no one is allowed to call it that without silence brought to be psychiatricized or criminalized.

(Harald Wiesendanger)


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Editor note: VAERS COVID Vaccine Data Show Surge in Reports of Serious Injuries, as 5-Year-Olds Start Getting Shots




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