Medicine Nobel Prize for Putin?

Covid? Was there something? Since Putin attacked Ukraine, people have suddenly had entirely different worries and fears. Doesn’t the Kremlin boss deserve the Nobel Prize for medicine? Apparently, he suddenly freed the world from Corona.

by Dr.Harald Wiesendanger– Klartext

Apart from Red China, New Zealand, and Lauterbach-FRG: Who cares about a viral infection that is in the process of becoming an increasingly harmless little omen of a cold, if not nothing at all? Suddenly a minor matter, more everyday life than a catastrophe. Ever since Putin launched an attack on Ukraine, people have had completely different worries and fears. And so some Internet users etch: Isn’t Russia’s president a hot candidate for the Nobel Prize in Medicine? Apparently, he healed the world from Corona in almost biblical monkey speed.

Medicine Nobel Prize for Russian Researcher
In less than 48 hours, he rid the world of Covid 19

Objection: Doesn’t Putin deserve the Nobel Peace Prize?

The undivided media attention that his regional war of aggression finds prevents a much more far-reaching conflict by preventing what is urgently needed: the overdue processing of the most absurd epidemic of all time. So many pressing questions, each highly explosive, await uncensored discussion:

  • How could the term pandemic be so defaced that it would still fit even if everyone is infected, but no one is seriously ill or even dead? Who hatched this madness, who benefits from it?
  • Why was a test procedure that even its inventor declared diagnostically unusable, with a false positive rate of up to 97%, allowed to make almost everyone a “case” who is not at three on the tree?
  • How many “corona victims” really died of SARS-CoV-2? Who will hold accountable those who covered up the increasingly evident laboratory origins of the virus, concealed and falsified statistics, concealed the risks and harms of the new vaccines, coerced billions of people without informed consent to volunteer for an unethical mass experiment?
  • How could one continue to listen expertly to the warnings and prophecies of the likes of Ferguson and Drosten, who had been horribly wrong in previous pandemics?
  • Why was the population put into a paranoid panic for two years that they were “at the mercy of a completely new virus” as long as there are no vaccines?
  • Why did virologists and modelers have more say than immunologists, psychologists, and economists?
  • How could you trust one of the most corrupt organizations in the world to have global policy competence for disease control for over two years: the WHO, on the strings of a filthy rich programmer, Big Pharma, and the Chinese Communist Party?
  • What role did extortionate loans and debt moratoriums from the IMF and World Bank play in Beijing’s self-destructive pandemic management?
  • How could journalism degenerate worldwide to government propaganda to court reporting without distance? Who manipulated the global news flow, and by what means? Who put the Big Three – Associated Press, AFP, and Reuters – on a leash, including national market leaders like DPA? Who poisoned sources of information?
  • How was it possible to reduce “science” to politically acceptable handouts from the third-party funded brothel?
  • Which prompters in ministries and authorities seduced incompetent responsible persons to grotesquely dataless assessments, fears, and decisions?
  • Who made sure that protesters from all walks of life were seen as far-right muddleheads, as stupid, irresponsible sectarians from a disreputable “milieu”? How did “lateral thinker” become synonymous with “despicable idiot”?
  • Was it a good idea to defame and silence thousands and thousands of critical doctors and scientists, lawyers, and journalists?
  • Where are the fact checks of the “fact-checkers”? On whose behalf are they playing truth guards? Who bought them for this?
  • How would we have gotten through this pandemic with Kristi Noem or Ron DeSantis as Chancellor, with Wolfgang Wodarg as Health Minister, Sucharit Bhakdi as Drosten replacement, and Anders Tegnell instead of Lothar Wieler at the head of the Robert Koch Institute?
  • How did the World Economic Forum and its network of “Young Global Leaders,” elite forums like the Council on Foreign Relations, pseudo-philanthropic money machines like the Rockefeller, Gates, and Soros Foundation work towards making the plandemic the door opener for a technocratic new… world order will?
  • What role do global PR agencies like Edelman and Publicis play?
  • Who holds constitutional judges accountable for their inaction?
  • What good is a protection of the constitution that accepts non-stop violations of the constitution if the executive commits them?
  • How could the police and the judiciary become accomplices in a scientifically remote hygiene terrorism?
  • Who will finally reveal the actual state of research on all the ineffective, destructive lockdowns, on the largely useless, harassing forced masquerade, on the true benefits and harms of Covid injections?

Out of sheer horror at Russian aggression, all these burning questions remain unasked. They go under, die away unheard in the thunder of bombs – to the secret joy of all beneficiaries of this unspeakable plandemic and every future one.

Honest answers would be unparalleled political explosives. How might a populace that is beginning to realize that they have been duped react? That she feared, protected, renounced largely in vain? That she was more likely to be poked for naught, with so-called vaccines that do not deserve the name and only reliably bring one thing with them: incalculable risks and side effects. If censored truths finally come to light, they could endanger social peace in Washington, Paris and Berlin, Melbourne and Wellington, and profoundly shake trust in governments, authorities, media, and science. There could be an outcry of outrage around the world, which will only be silenced when those responsible are brought to justice – and heads roll.

In this respect, Putin has made a real contribution to world peace. He defuses a high-explosive bomb until further notice. He can be sure of plenty of secret applause for this: from Pfizer and company, from Tedros, Xi Jinping, Gates, and Schwab, from all the Fergusons, Drostens, the Brink-, Priese- and Brock-men who proclaimed this strange epidemic, fueled it, accompanied it alarmistically, used to their own advantage. Now they are preparing us for the next one.

So, blindly on to Covid-27?

(Harald Wiesendanger)

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by Dr.Harald Wiesendanger– Klartext

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