Out of the shadows and in your face: Technocracy’s high-tech war against humanity doesn’t need guns, bullets or tanks; but it’s every bit as lethal


We recently published a sentinel piece on how global technocrats have entered the “kill phaseof their plan for worldwide domination. This is essentially the age-old satanic plan to war against God and declare victory by building a new digital Tower of Babel.

Technocrats actually believe they can get away with genocide by employing psychological warfare, propaganda, and weaponized technology, which involves the merging of computer science (information technology) with biomedical science.

“They are merging around, I would say, the biometric sensor,” said Yuval Noah Harari, the chief adviser to Klaus Schwab, the globalist founder of the World Economic Forum and author of COVID-19: The Great Reset.

The employment against humanity of this weaponized technology marks the greatest evil to arrive on planet earth since the Nazi regime nearly 100 years ago. Only this time it is much more deceptive. Few people even recognize it, though it…

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