Scientists score major breakthrough in drive to create ‘synthetic’ humans

‘Synthetic’ embryo with brain and beating heart grown from stem cells

A research team in the U.K. has announced a huge leap in their long-sought ability to grow synthetic human embryos in a lab without the benefit of a male sperm or female egg.

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  1. The stem cells are life; they can not create life.
    A group of scientists thought they could do anything and everything. They challenged God. Hey God, ‘Now you are unnecessary. Whatever you do, we can do. We can even clone human beings. What do you say? Now we can also develop whatever you have created on earth. Our department has developed everything. We can do everything.
    God was surprised to see all the scientist’s creations, the size of bananas and other fruits.

    The scientists challenged God to a competition. Come face us. We will do whatever you do. We are better than you; you can go and rest.
    God agreed.
    God created plants; the scientists created the same, one by one.
    Suddenly God took a little dust and created a child.
    The scientists said this is not a big deal now that we have the ability to clone. They took some dust and were about to create a baby.
    God said Stop. Bring your own dust, and create. Don’t use my dust.

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