How God Can Bring You From Rock Bottom To Mountaintop Faith

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We hear of so many stories where people reach the point of rock bottom in their life. You may be one of those persons who have had such an experience and understand too well what it’s all about. But for you who have never been there, I want you to know it’s a place in your life where you feel hopeless and you are at the point of giving up on life.

You are stripped of everything, at times even your dignity. God’s presence seems far from you and nothing; I mean nothing makes sense anymore. You begin to look for a way to escape your pain in all of the wrong places and you even turn to things and people who instead of pointing you to the road of recovery and redemption, they lead you in all of the wrong things.

Time goes by and the noise of fear…

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Varanasi – The Gateway To Eternity


Varanasi - The Gateway To EternityVaranasi – The Gateway To Eternity

Varanasi – the holy city of the Hindus is like a mirror image of Hinduism.

If you travel to India to experience Hinduism, it is essential to visit Varanasi.
The holy city of India is in the far north of the country,on the banks of the river Ganges , the holy sacred river of the Hindus .

The city of Varanasi, in the far north of India,
the state of Uttar Pradesh is THE city of pilgrimage of the Hindus.

It is the holy city of Lord Shiva.

In this region, the Ganges on its way coming from the nearby Himalayas ,makes a turn to the south.

Once in Varanasi, you are in a special world.
Varanasi produces a strange mood, time seems to go slower here.

About a thousand years before the beginning of the modern era Varanasi was a sacred place.

Varanasi ,the…

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Life is a Journey: How To Relax and Enjoy The Journey.

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Life’s a journey, relax and enjoy the journey. Wow, that sounds great, doesn’t it? “If only it was so easy”, I can hear you say. Well, it depends on what you are focused on. Are you focused on what other people think of you…..their opinions about you? Are you taking part in the “being competitive craze”, always being “on top of your game”, always striving to be the best in everything?

When you experience one set-back, do you think it’s the end of the world? When it seems like the new staff member is starting to get better results than you, do you feel threatened? It doesn’t need to be this way. Yes, the Bible also speaks of running the good race, but we should be competing with- and against ourselves, not against other people.

If you believe it’s a good thing to always be competitive and to be the…

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How To Live A Transformed Life – 17 Revolutionary Affirmations

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Too many people are walking around today feeling helpless, defeated, in fear and by their own thoughts, words and actions have passed the death sentence upon themselves. People are frustrated and depressed. Trying to cope they are existing in part, and are really not living and enjoying the positive things that life have to offer.

It is true that our world right now is buried in turmoil, chaos and confusion. But despite the hateful rhetorics, violence, crimes, racial tension and divide, you have the ability to live a transformed life where you enjoy freedom and liberty regardless of your race or skin color.

Additionally, I strongly believe there is hope. Love is still and will forever remain more powerful than hate. Negative thinking has no place in anyone’s mind because the truth is, it will only lead you down the path to destruction.

And so regardless of how difficult things…

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16 Inspirational Quotes On A New Beginning

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With every new day there is a brand new opportunity for change. Even if you did not get it right yesterday you can start over and make it the happiest ending you could have ever dreamed of.

Today we crossed over into a new month. It also means the end of the first half of the year and the beginning of the second half of the year 2016. Did everything go the way you had planned? Did you face challenges, disappointments, heartaches and pain? Did you lose friends or did you gain new ones? I am certain you did.

Despite what it may have been or even look like, there is a fresh wind blowing which is signalling the new thing that is about to spring forth in your life. 🙂 Hearing that brings a wave of excitement and a great level of anticipation.

It is on that note I present…

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