Lying With Numbers

What happens in Germany most likely occurs in other countries as well. See the latest update at the end of this article.

Lying with numbers

Update from September 3 by Dr.Harald Wiesendanger Klartext

“Corona deaths”: A Berlin research institute reveals how the RKI inflates the official number of victims.

Over 92,000 corona deaths in Germany alone? Even a research institute close to the government is now moving away from the victim statistics of the Robert Koch Institute: “In a good 80% of the official Covid deaths, Corona was not the real cause of death,” explains the IGES in Berlin. But politics is turning a deaf ear.

What is a drowned man? Someone who died submerging in water. Suppose a madman had the crazy idea of ​​giving the word a new meaning: “From now on, someone who has died and has been in the water in the past few months is deemed to have drowned” – in the lake, in the swimming pool, in the sea, in the bathtub, wherever.

Also, assume that this definition is generally accepted. How would that affect the national causes of death statistics?

Since the corona crisis began, the Robert Koch Institute has been notorious for such breathtaking language innovations. An authority subordinate to the Federal Ministry of Health, about which its chief employer raves, “the world” envies Germany for “one of the most respected institutions for public health.” The RKI registered 92,200 deaths by the beginning of September 2021. It is well known that there is no distinction between whether someone died “with” or “from” Corona. (1) He doesn’t care whether Covid-19 was the sole or at least decisive cause of death – or whether a PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 was positive within the past four weeks for a deceased person.

In the old normality, every RKI boss should have taken his hat off immediately for this enormity alone. “How do I create a pandemic?” Notes the disparaged “conspiracy theorist” doctor Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg. “If you were to send a nurse who had tested positive through the rooms of all dying people, there would only be Covid-19 deaths with the ICD diagnosis U07.2: without laboratory evidence, contact is enough.”

But it gets worse: As a “Covid victim,” a deceased is now apparently already included in the RKI statistics if at some point he was noticed by a positive PCR test. An extreme example: Anyone who today, on September 1, 2021, loses their life in traffic, falling down stairs, due to poisoning, after a stroke, automatically becomes a “corona death” if they were recorded months ago as positive for the test.

Even the notorious health research institute IGES in Berlin, close to the government, is now distancing itself from such blatant lies with numbers. (“We need more courage to vaccinate.”) Since August 2020, it has been using scientific analyses to create the IGES Pandemic Monitor, which processes the infection process so that short, medium, and long-term trends are visible to the public.

“How seriously do you have to take the Covid deaths that the Robert Koch Institute reports daily?” Bertram Häussler.

“The numbers speak for themselves,” explained Häussler. “We have determined that in a good 80% of the official Covid deaths that have been reported since the beginning of July, the underlying infection was more than five weeks ago, and one must therefore assume that Corona was not the real cause of death. There are now 3.8 million people in Germany who have survived a corona infection. Mathematically, around 100 of these recovered people die every day from common causes of death. Now it happens that such cases are assigned to a corona infection reported months ago in the health department. They are then included in the statistics of the RKI as a corona infestation. It could also be an older person infected in 2020 but has now died of heart failure. “

The RKI is well aware of this problem and has also confirmed it, but they want to make sure that no corona deaths are missing from the statistics, explains Häussler.

The IGES illustrates the scandal using the example of July 14, 2021: Of 31 newly reported deaths, only three (!) Had been infected in the past five weeks, 16 at least ten weeks ago.

Incidentally, concerns about rising corona death rates are “poorly founded,” clarifies the IGES. In August, the RKI reported an average of seven deaths per day in people who are acutely sick with Covid-19. – In April, it was 178 daily; In 989, it was on January 19, the day of the federal-state meeting on the corona crisis; at 1200 daily, the death toll had been at the height of the “second wave.”

On June 3, Prof. Häussler had already given ZDF a bad hair with the RKI counting method: “If Corona moves towards zero due to the infection, if we don’t change that, we will have more and more deaths that simply follow died of a corona infection, but not because of a corona infection. “

Before Häussler, other scientists had warned in vain that the Robert Koch Institute reports the number of victims too high: from the mathematician Wolfram Meyerhöfer to Andreas Büttner, director of the Institute for Forensic Medicine at the University of Rostock. The economist Gabriel Felbermayr, director of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy (IfW), accused the federal government of “serious failures in collecting reliable corona numbers” in mid-August. In his opinion, a clean, systematic collection of data is “politically undesirable.”

Instead, what the hygiene regime wants is obvious for self-thinkers: continue the scare tactics until the population has been vaccinated as far as the global masterminds of the plandemics want.

The fact that the alleged mountains of corpses are not even higher is due to another statistical trick from the bottom magic drawer: If a corona-vaccinated person comes to the intensive care unit, he is only considered a Covid patient if he has a positive PCR test as well shows typical “clinical symptoms”; An unvaccinated person, on the other hand, counts as a Covid case if he is test-positive. Clinicians who do not want to play along see themselves under pressure from their bosses.

The reason for this fraud is obvious: Vaccinated people “must” not contract Covid-19 in order not to endanger the reputation of the new vaccine, to offer “full protection”; on the other hand, it is important to maintain the fairy tale of the “pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

And outside of the clinics? Doctors seem to be carried away by the crime of forging death certificates: even victims of accidents and heart attacks re-label them as “Covid-19” victims. (2) Since the beginning of the pandemic, reports from bereaved relatives have been increasing that they had been expressly asked for their consent. Occasionally with the offer of bribes. Undertakers confirm such rumors. (3)

The KLARTEXT article “Hypocritical Remembrance” shows further inconsistencies in the official Corona victim balance.

But not even the shamelessly fudged Covid death statistics. The mainstream media, which pass unfiltered on to the frightened public, do not even remotely justify continuing to insist on an “epidemic situation,” restrict fundamental rights, enforce a risky vaccination campaign with blackmail, intimidation, and discrimination. The Totenkurve has been descending for a long time:

Daily new confirmed Covid – 19 – deaths in Germany per 1 million inhabitants on a 7-day average, since May 2021
Daily new confirmed Covid – 19 – deaths in Germany per 1 million inhabitants on a 7-day average, since March 2021

Daily new confirmed Covid – 19 – deaths in Germany per 1 million inhabitants in an international comparison since March 2021

Daily new confirmed Covid – 19 – deaths in Germany per 1 million inhabitants in an international comparison since March 2021

Harald Wiesendanger

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